Essay Writing Ideas 15 Strong Thesis Questions About Kindness

One might think writing a homework assignment, essay, term paper, or thesis paper that requires extensive research on kindness would be difficult. Well, when you consider what’s going on the world, why wouldn’t you? All freelance writers go on about is what’s wrong in the world – war, disaster, death – everything nasty. They assume that sells and perhaps it does. Maybe if freelance writers focused on kindness, we’d see more good in the world.

  • Kindness Defined
    Let’s start by defining kindness, which is a noun. It is:
    • the nature of acting kind
    • a kind action, favor, or behavior
    • a pleasant feeling or fondness

    Kind, an adjective is:
    • a decent or caring disposition
    • having or compassion
    • considerate or humane
    • gentle, pleasant, mile
    • affectionate, loving

    Okay, no surprises. Now, that we have our definitions, we should be able to proceed with our homework assignment, essay and/or thesis paper. Of, course, adding in anything the professor added during dissertation. Certainly they referenced all these definitions during such dissertation, unless the topic choice was random.

  • Topic Suggestions
    Choosing a topic or research thesis, as previously stated, shouldn’t be too difficult because attempting to introduce acts of kindness into people’s lives is a wonderful way to brighten everyday life. The definitions are pointing us in a positive, optimistic, very loving direction. Perhaps for some, this may should a bit too sunshiny, so maybe the paper should be more realistic in tone and able to be applied to all. Kindness is meant to help, not irritate and certainly not to turn-off. There’s also the possibility that the paper might want to show what happens when kindness is not shown. That could be an excellent topic.
    Read over the definition and see what inspires you. Read other definitions and see if you are moved in any other ways. We have the power to help others in a time of need. When we show kindness, we can help others through terrible times and help them find strength. Yet, another topic.
    Kindness also involves empathy. That means we feel sad when others feel sadness and happiness when other feel happy. Some people don’t share other peoples’ successes. Empathy, however, helps others build confidence and sometimes puts others on pedestals. Yet, another topic.
    Kindness is not selfish; it does not ask for repayment. Some may give, but they demand something back. That’s not kindness. This is yet another theme.
    Another way to examine kindness could be in suggesting the “pay it forward” scheme. This builds on how kindness does not ask for repayment.
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